Harvest Festival

The Harvest festival this year focused on ‘Helping people in our local community’. The children at Frome Valley have been thinking about the Dorford centre in Dorchester which houses the local food bank.

We welcomed the new Reception children, who performed for the first time in front of the whole school and their parents!  The children told us all about their favourite foods and showed us their wonderful paintings. It can be very daunting standing up in front of everybody, but they took it their stride and were fantastic – well done Reception!

Year 1 showed us all of the food that the parents and the local community had donated to school to pass along to the Dorford Centre. We discovered what a generous community we have. Great work year 1!

Next, Year 2 treated us to a Harvest experience that spanned the globe; they worked hard to talk about how different countries celebrate their own harvest festivals. Fascinating presentation year 2!

A little closer to home, Year 3 explained about why Christians celebrate harvest. We learnt all about Henry Vlll’s contribution to harvest, and that Christians believe they are doing God’s work by feeding the hungry.  Well done Year 3!

Lastly, Year 4 talked about their visit to the Dorford centre in Dorchester. The children had visited the food bank and learnt how your donations will be used to help feed those people in crisis. Amazing effort - well done year 4!

Frome Valley was also treated to the beautiful harmonies of the choir whose performance, led by Miss Carter, was sensational.

Thank you to all of those who donated to the harvest festival this year. It really is a worthy charity and the donations will be a great help.